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Paradoxes are self-contradictions. For example, writing ‘This is a blank page’ on a blank page means that it is no longer blank.

Another example is the Liar’s Paradox, commonly demonstrated by the two statements below:

The sentence below is false.

The sentence above is true.

Both cannot simultaneously be true, making it a paradox. Below are five more examples of paradoxes.

The Grandfather Paradox

Time travel has been a fantasy of mine (and presumably everyone else’s) since I could comprehend the concept. …

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We all use the term infinity, but what does it really mean? What does it represent, and why is it important?

Well, infinity represents something that is endless, or boundless, for example the digits of pi (π). Since pi never ends, it’s infinite. Pretty simple, right?

Let’s talk about sets and infinities. Sets are just a group of objects, like a few numbers or even some people. For right now, let’s consider the set of whole numbers (0 and onwards). Since this set of numbers continues forever, it is infinite in nature.

So, whole numbers are infinite. What about integers…

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